Stairlift Installation
in Long Island, NY

Long Island Stairlifts custom-makes every stairlift so that it is as strong and sturdy as possible. It is our desire to make sure the stairlift installation process goes down without a hitch.

The entire installation process takes a few hours with one of our trained stairlift installers working the whole time to ensure you get the exact finished product you are looking for. We will even stay behind and make sure all the debris is cleaned up from any mess left behind as a result of this process. Our customers deserve to know that we will not leave a mess behind that they have to then worry about.

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Manufacturer Warranty

Every stairlift that we install comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. This is provided to our customers simply to give them a little extra peace of mind that the stairlift they order from us is built to work for them and meet their specifications. We have no doubt in the quality of the work that we put out to our customers, but we like to give them that extra layer of security that they are covered no matter what.

Refurbished Lifts at a Discounted Price

Saving money is key for most of our customers, and that is why we look for ways to help them do just that. One offer that we have is to provide them with refurbished lifts at a discounted price. The lift is generally just as good as if it had been purchased brand-new, but we can offer it to the customer at a discount because they are receiving a refurbished item.