Stairlift Maintenance
in Long Island, NY

Generally speaking, stairlift maintenance and stairlift repair are not incredibly common issues simply because the stairlifts that we provide to our customers are highly reliable and don’t break down all that often. That said, if one requires a maintenance call for repair, we are happy to handle it at Long Island Stairlifts.

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Annual Maintenance & Stairlift Repair

One type of maintenance that will help ensure that your stairlift remains in top-notch quality is annual maintenance. Cleaning and waxing the machine can help ensure that it runs smoothly over the next year. Keep in mind the fact that the stairlift will likely be used on a daily basis. It will experience some wear and tear throughout the course of the year, which is why it should be waxed and cleaned at least once per year.

Outdoor Stairlifts Are Available

It would be a shame if we didn’t mention that we offer outdoor stairlifts as well. We are asked about this product all the time, and we want people to know that they are available. If you need an outdoor stairlift anywhere on your property, we want to be your provider for that equipment. Give Long Island Stairlifts of Long Island, NY the opportunity to show what we can do for you!